Hi, welcome to a world not that different from our and yet so much more. Its inhabitants simply call it the World or sometimes Earth, but I call it Ambition. In many ways it seems to be stuck in the Dark Ages with a twist of magic and wonders.

Nine continents wallow at the surface. Not all of them have been discovered by men.
  • The biggest continent right at the center of every map ever created is Equa.
  • To its south are the dusty Wastes. A desolated place where even monsters are rare.
  • To the north spans Iceland. Birthplace of Man and Goliath.
  • To the west are The Falls. More a collection of Islands then a Continent.
  • To the north east stretches Shar. A rotten place full of frozen swamps.
  • To the south east is the smallest continent Dream. Said to be the most beautiful of all places.

Those are all that are known, since even magic has its limits and only Gods and Dragons know where the other three continents lie.

The sentinel Races are generally placed in three categories: The Old Races, the Dark Races and the Young Races.

PoL1 - The Shadows of Ambition