The Gods in Ambition:

Pandemonium of Men:
  • Pelor, God of the Sun. He governs light,summer, harvest, healing and grow.
  • Avandra, God of Change. She governs travel, trade and luck.
  • Corellon, God of Art. He governs magic, knowledge, beauty and spring.
  • Melora, God of the Wilderness. She governs forests, the sea and wild animals.
  • Moradin, God of Creation. He governs artisans and earth.
  • Sehanine, God of Illusion. She governs trickery, autumn and hidden knowledge.
  • Bahamut, God of Civilization. He governs justice, nobility and protection.
  • Kord, God of the Storm. He governs the weather, battles and strength.
  • Raven Queen, God of Death. She governs fate and winter.

Those Gods started as a mixture of Eladrin an Human believes but now includes most of Dwarven, Gnomen Gods as well. Most people pray to the whole pandemonium depending on their situation only few outside the church have a single favorite among them and most of the time that one is Pelor.

Old Elven Gods:
  • Ioun/Corellon, God of Worms. He governs knowledge and light.
  • Lloth, God of Spiders. She governs night, lies and chaos.
  • Zehir, God of Snakes. He governs poison and assassins.

Ioun used to be called Corellon but with the migration of the Eladrin and their continuous believe in him the remaining Elves started to call him Ioun which means as much as Beacon of Light. Eladrin, Elves, Drow and Yuan Ti all used to revere the same pandemonium.

Old Troll God:
  • Erathis, God of the Kingdom. He governed everything.

Most knowledge about him is lost. Even the Trolls only remember his name.

Ruling Circle:
  • Gruumsh, God of Destruction.
  • Bane, God of Conquest.
  • Asmodeus, God of Domination.

Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls and even some Giants are their worshipers.

The Holy Light: A young and strange Believe about one nameless God that guides everything. It is unheard of that anyone except a Human bares its symbol, those that do are mostly frowned upon.

The Ocult: A sinister cult praying to Vecna in hope of immortality and power. Declaring its believe for her usually is reason enough of a death sentence.

Spirit Believe: A believe worshiping nature itself. Started by the Goliath but gaining rapid popularity mostly by Elven and [[Half-Orcs]].

Dragons: Dragons are not know to be believers in any God, yet many see Gods in them. For the most part those are Dragonborns but also some Humans and Dwarves are known to pray to them. And of course so would everyone else if one would stand before them.


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